Sustainable Future.

We make economical, compact & smart water treatment systems for recycling domestic & industrial wastewater for non-potable reuse applications.

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To drive the world’s transition towards sustainable water management.

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Water is on course to be scarcer than oil by 2030, with demand fast outstripping supply by over 40%. Water as a resource is under tremendous stress with groundwater and freshwater resources depleting at an alarming rate due to rapid urbanization and global warming, along with pollution from industries, societies and even agriculture, contaminating existing resources. New emerging contaminants and pathogens also pose a serious threat to the quality of water supplies as do the aging infrastructure being vulnerable to both accidental and deliberate contamination. This has forced regulators and consumers to progressively become more demanding.

Solving these global water challenges is the backbone to innovation at INDRA. We are committed to providing a reliable, value added partnership to all our customers and partners thereby actively helping industries and societies meet increasing water demands, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance their environmental stewardship and comply with regulatory requirements thereby driving efficiency and collaboration.

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