World Class Design and Treatment Processes

Indra’s patented wastewater treatment methodology is capable of a variety of water treatment needs through novel innovations in electro-coagulation, electro-oxidation, two-phase solids separation, disinfection, distillation and pollutant monitoring hardware. Our solutions are modular and scalable depending on throughput requirements.

The unique process design and implementation of technologies is more effective, affordable, and requires lower maintenance, providing the best in class “Rupees per KL” treatment cost.

Our technology helps attain high efficiency, low energy consumption, 30% cost reduction (capital & operational) & less space utilization (1/3rd the size compared to others). High scale-ability, flexible treatment, smart automation, and monitoring make our system extremely affordable and also easy to operate. Remote troubleshooting and fine-tuning also help our systems reduce human dependence, improve consistency and reduce downtime. Hazardous chemicals are not used and sludge management is convenient in our treatment methodology.